Thinking of buying a digital camera?




The Zoom should be optical, not digital, for best quality. Many cameras have x2 or x3 optical zoom which for most purposes is enough.





The resolution determines how large you can print your images with good quality, see another page here for more information about this. If you have 2 Megapixles, usually 1600 x 1200 pixles, you can print 15x10 cm in full photoquality, but you can print A4, 20x30 cm in fairly good quality. More pixels - the bigger you can print your pictures with good quality. Many cameras today have at least 4 Megapixels.




Memory cards

Digital cameras are often shipped with a very small memory card, usually 64 Mb, the maximum number if pictures might be given when using the smallest size of images and using the highest compression, that means the pictures will be small on your screen and the quality not the best concerning details. Always ask for the price of a bigger card, add at least a 512 Mb card, you will soon discover that instead of taking maybe just 24 pictures you will take 100 and select the best ones.

There are many different types of memory cards, My favorite is the Compact Flash, they are very resistant if you need to take them out of the camera and can easily take a fall to the floor or even a plunge in salt water. But don´t try that with the camera!




Connection to computer

The connection to the computer should be either USB2 or FireWire, Check what kind of ports you have on your computer, iMac G4 and newer, eMacs, iBook G4 and all newer PowerBooks have USB2 and FireWire. If you have a USB 1.1 port it will work but take longer time to download the images from the camera.





Make sure the camera has a rechargeable battery and comes with a charger, if not, you´re soon going to spend more money in batteries than the cost of the camera itself. Planning to go on vacation with the camera? Get an extra battery, when they warn you of low level of power you can just take a few pictures more.





If you have Mac OS X version 10.2 or later you don´t need a software for the camera, most cameras are supported in the software iPhoto that comes bundled with all new Macs. Just connect the camera and click download, it can´t be easier than that. All brands of cameras come with their own software, some are good and easy to use, some not, upgrade to 10.4 Tiger and you get the best and easiest solution available on the market today.


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