Do you remember the old days?

Can you with just one click close all open Finder windows?


What is the point of adding an alias to a folder in the Apple menu?


What happens if you drag a selected text to the desktop?


What is the use of Command-clicking on the name in a open folder?


Is it possible to quickly hide all open application windows?


What is the Launcher?


Mention three different ways to open a document and their respective advantages and disadvantages.


Explain how the springloaded folder function works.


What happens when you Alt-doubleclick on a document?


Mention three ways to create an alias.


How do you get more information about an object?


You try to empty the Trash but get the message that it contains a locked item, mention two ways to get around that.


How do you copy a document to another folder?


Mention three important things when saving a document.


What´s the difference between closing a window and quitting the application?


How do you select more than one object in a list of items?


What is the keyboard command to quit an application?


What is the keyboard command to close a window?


What is the keyboard command to create a new folder?


Explain what Cut, Copy and Paste is.



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