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I think your newsletters are pretty brilliant - nifty new tips, informative, practical and bang up to date!

Frances L


Thank you for those words, Frances, but when looking at the dates below it makes you wonder I suppose, the latest ones are not published here.

November 7, 2004, iPod Photo, Ordering online, .Mac slides

October 14, 2004, Battery recall on 15inch PB, Norton AV, Keychain app,

July 7, 2004, On the road with your Mac

March 13, 2004, Backup - keep your work safe

January 31, 2004, keyboard commands and virus in E-mails

January 17, 2004, iLife 4 + news from Apple Expo

December 15, 2003, mostly about Panther and the new functions in it

Newsletter 1, December 15, 2003

Mac OS X is the modern operating system from Apple, it´s different from OS 9
but easy to learn and has many new functions and possibilities.
First came OS X 10.1, then 10.2 and now we have...

Mac OS X 10.3 codenamed Panther
It was released on the 24th of October and the first updates has now been released.
This is an operating system you "can´t live without". I´ll describe my favorites.

Now it´s easier to follow threads and it´s faster than before. If you reply to a mail and the person has multiple addresses you can switch to another address by clicking on the persons name and just select the address you prefer. Addresses are seen as objects and can easily be dragged to and from the different types of addressfields. Looking for a particular mail? The indexing makes it fast and easy to find it. It´s easy to import your mails and contacts from any other mailprogram. The best function is the smart Junk and SPAM-filtering, using Mail I myself only get one or two junkmails per day compared to 40-50 which now go directly in the Trash.

This is one of my top favorites, it helps you to find the window you are looking for even if you work in many different applications and have a ton of windows open. This has to be seen in action to fully see the use of it.

Never lose a number again even if you lose your phone. This little application synchronizes your Bluetooth enabled phone with the Addressbook and iCal, the calendar application. The newest Macs have builtin Bluetooth, it can also be added to any Mac running at least 10.2 or higher.
Most SonyEricson phones have Bluetooth and they are also really easy to use.

The Finder windows are faster and have a new column to the left which makes it really easy and fast to go to the folder you need. The option to highlight different objects with colors is back too. Finding a file is very fast and easy with the search option in the window.

Nothing really new here, but it still is one of the best applications for your digital images I´ve seen, just plug your camera in, no extra installations of camera software. Anyone can use it and easily E-mail pictures to family and friends or even create a website in no time and without special skills. It also helps you to print many different kinds of layouts, make your invitations, christmas cards or print contact sheets.

now it´s easier than ever to buy music over the internet, the Apple Music Store is available directly from iTunes, it also makes it easy to create your own compilations of CD´s that you already have and want to remix. With the iPod you have your songs with you on the road, to transfer them you just connect the iPod. That´s all you need to do. The iPod can also hold your Adressbook information and your calendars.

The biggest improvement is more options when printing lists of addresses. It´s easy to make mailing lists, keep them up to date and to see which list a person has been added to. An easy-to-use search function makes it really easy to find a contact.

The builtin font management is really good and makes it easy to handle fonts and choose your favorite ones. You can also quickly scroll through your fonts to see what they look like in different sizes.

Safari is Apples own browser to view webpages, it let´s you block popup-windows and handling your favorite places on the web has never been easier, it automatically imports Explorer favorites if that´s what you´re using now.

Similarities between applications
This is something that makes it easier to learn how to use new softwares made by Apple, the
design and functions are very similar, if you know how to use one of them you can quickly
get familiar with the others like iPhoto, iTunes, iMovie, iSync, FontBook, Addressbook, Safari etc.


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Newsletter 2, January 17, 2004

The switch to OS X has come a long way, now 40% of installed base uses OS X! Are you one of them?
If you need to know more about using and installing OS X, contact me on 06 63 82 42 88. There are a number of things that you should know before taking the plunge, ask me first and save yourself time, money and problems.

iLife 4
is the next release of the popular softwares iPhoto, iTunes, iMovie and iDVD, it has a new one included, Garageband, iLife runs on both 10.2 "Jaguar" and 10.3 "Panther", (some hardware requirements might apply), it´s available for 49 dollars and comes free with all new macs. It´s possible that parts of it will also be available for free as updates like the last version was after some time.

keeps track of your music and you can also use it to get more music
Since April this year 30 million songs have been sold via iTunes and the Apple Music store which lets you listen to the music before deciding about downloading it.
Apple now has 70% marketshare of legal downloads of music, which in my opinion proves that the piracy of music that the filesharing softwares caused was probably because it was the easiest way to find and download music. Now iTunes makes it very easy, and even AOL users can use their AOL accounts to buy music. It´s also possible to purchase gift certificates and E-mail them.
The top spender on music has spent 29.500 dollars, which equals appr. 30.000 songs!
There´s more than music on the Music store, 5000 audio books available, have you thought of that you can listen to a book on the iPod?
The Billboards charts are available, going back to 1946 you can find and download almost any song, more charts coming soon.
500.000 songs are now available now and that makes Apples´ Music store the largest online music store.
Later this year Pepsi and Apple are "giving" away 100.000.000 songs, 300.000.000 bottles has a special top with a code good for a download of a song from the Music store.
iTunes exists in versions for both Mac and Windows.

for organizing your digital pictures
The best new feature of iPhoto 4 is the support for 25.000 pictures, many of you might have already noticed that after loading a couple thousand pictures it begins to be slow.
Do you have more than one Mac in a network? Now you can share the photos via Rendezvous and view them on any Mac in your home.
Smart albums makes it easier to create albums, it works like smart playlists in iTunes.
There are some new effects that you can quickly apply to your pictures like Sepia, and you can also rate your pictures to easily find the best ones or use the smart album to make an album with only your favorite pictures. If you then change the rating of a picture this picture will be taken off the Favorite album automatically.
The slideshow now has a toolbar to make it easier to rotate, rate or trash pictures as you watch them. There is also new options for the music that plays when watching the slideshow and more transitions are available.

iMovie 4
for making your own videos
-importing from iSight is now possible
-new functions, new ways of adding text
-new easy ways to share video on homepage (requires .Mac-account

helps you create DVD´s from the videos you make with iMovie
-new themes
-easier ways to make your owns DVD´s
-enhanced menus and navigation maps
-archive and burn-function lets you burn the DVD´s on a machine on another computer that has a DVD-burner
-pro encoding for better picture quality

is a Pro Quality music tool
-64 tracks for mixing
-play 50 instruments, available with USB MIDI keyboard
-1000 professional loops
-Recording live
-200 pro-quality audio effects
-vintage/modern guitar sound effects
-exports to iTunes so you can very easily play your music in your iPod seconds after finishing it

iPod - What is the iPod?
It´s a portable music player that does a lot more then just play your music from iTunes, you can synchronize your calendars and your Addressbook to it and also use it as an external hard drive to backup important files to. Note that it´s not a Palm Pilot, you can for the moment only read information on the iPod. There´s also a number of accessories available for different fields of use.
2 million iPods have been sold and now iPod Mini is introduced, it has a storage of 4 Gb which is good for some 1000 songs, it´s 0,5 inch thick and the size of a creditcard. The largest iPod holds appr. 10.000 songs on it´s 40 Gb hard drive.

WiFi and Airport
is becoming more and more popular, but what is it?
The Airport base station works like a radio transmitter, you can plug your existing internet connection into the Airport base station and share it wireless with many Macs at the same time. You can also use it to share printers so all computers within range can print wireless too. Observe that an ADSL-connection that uses a USB-modem can´t be used in combination with the Airport. It needs to be an Ethernet ADSL-modem, read more about this in "ADSL advice", use the link on the left side.

Microsoft Office
Now is the time to buy Office, Microsoft has introduced a Technology guarantee, you get a free upgrade to the 2004 version if you buy Office anytime between now and up til june 30. But to get the upgrade you need to send in a form.
Some of the new functions are that Word can do audio recording and a new style of notebook is associated with Entourage, Excel has a smart print layout function with instant feedback that makes it very easy to print a speadsheet on the size of paper you want.
If you experience problems with Word, Excel or Powerpoint you should install all the 4 updates available from Microsofts webpage ( I have them if you need them), but please note that if you are using a version "that fell off a truck" you risk that it stops working if you run these updates.



You can watch the 2 hour Keynote presentation with Steve Jobs here:

Read more about the iLife 4 suite of softwares

Read more about the iPod

Read more about Airport

More information about Microsoft Office for OS X

Microsoft Office updates


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Newsletter 3, January 31, 2004

Keyboard commands

APPLE-key is also known as the Command key, the one with the Apple on it
ALT-key is also called Option, it´s left of the APPLE-key
CONTROL-key has CTRL written on it
SHIFT is used for typing capital letters and is not to be confused with CAPS LOCK that often has a built-in green light.

To use a keyboard command like this one "APPLE-P", first press the APPLE-key and then p, don´t release the APPLE-key before typing the p. To use a command that has several keys like: APPLE-SHIFT-4, first press and hold APPLE and SHIFT, then press 4

APPLE-A select all, select every item in a folder or all the mails in your inbox
APPLE-S Save changes to the document you´re working on

APPLE-P Print the current document
APPLE-Q Quit the front application

APPLE-W Close the frontmost window
APPLE-E Eject a selected CD or floppy

APPLE-X Cut the selected text
APPLE-C Copy the selected text
APPLE-V Paste the selected text

APPLE-Z Undo the last action, in OS X you can undo moving a file to the trashcan or to another location, if you accidentally rename a file and you don´t know the original name you can also undo that.

APPLE-backspace (=delete) places a selected item in the Finder in the Trashcan, click on the file first, then do the keyboard command.

APPLE-SHIFT-4 take a screenshot of the area you select by dragging with the mouse, in OS X you´ll find the image on the desktop called "Picture 1", in OS 9 you´ll find it on the hard drive root level, doubleclick on the Hard drive-icon to see it.

APPLE-SHIFT-3 takes a screenshot of the entire screen

Use the arrows on the keyboard to navigate in text, it´s faster and very often much easier then clicking exactly where you want to start typing or if you need to make a correction in a text.

Selecting text (=highlighting text), if you need to select a line of text, it´s easier to start at the end of it and go back to where you want to start the selection, otherwise you need to point between the margin and the first letter to make the selection exactly where you want it.

Another way of selecting text is to press down the SHIFT-key and use the arrows to move over the text. This is often faster then using the mouse.

Selecting multiple contiguous items in a list, useful in listview in Finder windows and in your mailprogram
Click on the first item, then press down the SHIFT-key, then click on the last item.

Selecting multiple randomly placed items in a list
Click on the first item, press down the APPLE-key and click on the other items. These also work in iPhoto to select more than one picture, and in iTunes to select multiple songs.



Most people with an E-mailaddress has seen signs of the latest PC-virus called MyDoom.

IT DOES NOT HURT Macintosh computers!

But we suffer from the effects of it. It works like this, an infected PC sends out random E-mails and fakes the sender address, if the reciever has some kind of virus detection service the mail bounces, and if your address appears to be the one it came from, you get a message saying that your message couldn´t be delivered because it contained a virus. A similar thing happens if the reciever doesn´t still have the address used to send the fake mail, then the mail bounces back to you saying that the recipient couldn´t be found or that the address is invalid.

There is nothing we can do about it, there is no point in sending a mail back and say you´re sorry. Just delete the fake mails and forget about them.

There is no point to run out and buy expensive antivirus programs, they will not decrease the amount of false mails coming to you. And the attachments that actually are the viruses will not cause any damage to your Macintosh. As far as I know there are no known viruses for OS X yet. And for OS 9 I have only seen 2 in Paris sofar.

I tested Norton Antivirus for OS X yesterday, in it´s list of known viruses there are almost 30.000 different types listed. About 30 of them are Macintosh OS 9 viruses, then there were some 50 Macroviruses that can cause problems with the Office programs, the rest were PC-only. Using this program will waste your time to scan for PC-viruses that will not damage anything on your Mac.

To get a virus you have to activate it yourself, if someone sends you an attached file and you don´t know this person, just trash the e-mail. If it is a PC-virus you can doubleclick on it and still nothing will happen, you get a message saying that the computer doesn´t know which application created the file and that´s it.


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Newsletter 4, March 13, 2004

Backup, Backup and Backup!

This can not be said too often. Itīs actually quite simple, back up your work if you canīt afford losing it.

So how can it be done?

You need to copy your work to another storage media, that means, it has to be copied from the computer in one way or another. Burn a CD is what most people do today, many new computers have builtin CD-burners and even if you donīt have it builtin you can add an external CD-burner. Floppys work too but the size of datafiles today are often far too big for this media. Zip-disks would be to prefer over floppys since they can hold up to 75 times the data compared with a floppydisk. An external harddrive is what I use, since this gives me a big advantage Iīll explain all about in a second. If you only have a relatively small amount of important files you could also E-mail them to someone you trust and just ask them to keep the mails in case you need to go back to an older version for some reason. You can also transfer data from one computer to another if you have a home/office network.

Why do I need to backup? Isnīt my data safe forever on my computer?

I wish I could say yes, but computers are machines and the part where the data is stored, the hard drive, can break down in several ways, most of the time when the computer stops working the information on the harddrive is safe, so donīt take "Sorry, we canīt get your data back" for an answer, Iīve saved work from laptops that the owners have accidentally spilled coffee or water in, the computer itself is most of the time damaged so bad that a repair would be close to what itīs worth, but the data can be transferred to another computer or CDīs. E-mail and addresses can be imported to the new system.

Another reason to back up is if the computer is stolen or if the hard drive stops working, there are ways of recovering data from a dead harddrive, but then it starts costing a lot of money. And if this is the case, the hard drive is an extremely delicate piece of hardware, so donīt even think you can repair it yourself! The only ones that can do that is trained experts, not regular technicians you find in any Apple Store on the street.

If you hear strange metallic clicking sounds from the computer at a frequency of 1 Hz it is most likely a sign of a hard drive failure, shut down the computer immediately and call me for advice. Another sign of serious problems can be that it wonīt let you save your work to the hard drive.

How often should I backup my work? The question you need to ask yourself is:

How much time can I afford to lose? One month of work? One week? One day? How much information changes on your computer is another good question. How much E-mail can you lose without problems, or how many new addresses do you add to your Addressbook per day/week/month. The difficult part is to know exactly which files needs to be backed up to be able to restore things after a disaster and where to find them. This is different for every user, I can answer that if you contact me.

Another important thing is this. Letīs say you back to a single zipdisk. You drag your work files to the zipdisk every friday evening and replace whatīs there since last friday. Now letīs say you find a document that you canīt open for some reason. You go to your zipdisk just to find that the document there also is corrupt, now what? You can avoid this by using several zipdisks, mark them first friday of the month, second and so on. Then use the disk only once per month and you have 4 generations of data to go back to, this eliminates the risk of losing work. What I do is to backup every week to an external harddrive, I create a folder with todays date on it and copy all files to it, then I know exactly when the backup was made and I can later decide how many copies backwards I want to save. For some types of work it might be interesting to see what a changing document looked like at a specific time.

The idea with a backup is that you should not use it for the daily work, just keep it safe in case of disaster. If you need to use a document from a backup, be careful to not replace any newer version on your computer. NEVER open a backed up file from Palm or your E-mail program by doubleclicking on it, this can cause problems.


Lock your Mac

If you need to leave your computer unattended you might want to lock it to an object in the room, there are good solutions for this, ask at the nearest FNAC or any store that sells computer equipment. There are wires with a lock that fits in most laptops and they often have a loop at the other end so you can attach the wire itself with a padlock to something in the room, a radiator or water pipes. There are wires that are especially hard to cut off. Donīt buy a cheap one, the price should be around 50 euro.

Donīt choose the type of lock that just has a combination, youīd be surprised how fast it is to try a 3 digit code before it opens, I know, I forgot my suitcase code the night before I was going on vacation last year, it took me 15 minutes to open it. (no, it wasnīt 000, but I started with that).

If you have further questions, contact me for a session in how to keep your data safe.


Been getting strange messages from your Internet Service Provider?

Some people have been getting messages that donīt make sense. The most recent example is Wanadoo who had sent a mail telling a person that he has sent SPAM and suggested that he installs a firewall and updates his virus software. Iīm 100% sure the real problem is as I have described before, the PC-virus that abuses E-mailaddresses and makes it look like you are the sender.

In OS X there is a builtin Firewall, but itīs off by defult, turn it on like this: Apple menu/System preferences/Sharing, the second tab is Firewall, Click on the Start-button and itīs on. Noone I have spoken to has yet even heard of a virus for OS X and the Macintosh news websites says the same. If you install Norton or any other antivirus software they might alert you and tell you it has has discovered a virus and erased it, most likely it is a PC-virus and it will not damage your Mac anyway.

A firewall doesn´t protect you from SPAM and junk mails, it´s to be compared with an extra lock on your door, it keeps strangers out of your computer.


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July 7, 2004

On the road with your Mac:

Since many of you will be travelling with your computers I thought I´d explain some things that you can encounter when beeing on the road.

If you use Mail, OutLook or Entourage for checking your email:

Don´t change the settings for POP-server, this is still the same wherever you are in the world, if using wanadoo, it should be "pop.wanadoo.fr" regardless or where you are connected to the internet.

But the SMTP-server setting is likely to be another, this let´s you send out mail and should be the server belonging to the internet servivce provider you are connected with for the moment, you might need to ask someone else who is using the same connection for the name, here´s some of the most common ones in france:

Noos: "mail.noos.fr" or "smtp.noos.fr
Wanadoo: "smtp.wanadoo.fr"
Club-internet: "mail.club-internet.fr"
Free: "smtp.free.fr"
Freesurf: "smtp.freesurf.fr"

If you use Internet Explorer and a webmail interface, you don´t have to do anything except to make sure you have your password with you, the login is almost always the emailaddress itself. Just think of that if you go to a cybercafé, make sure there is not a checkbox saying "Remember my id on this computer" or else someone else coming after you could get in to your mail. Make sure to shut down Internet Explorer after a webmail session.
some common webmail-addresses:

http://www.wanadoo.fr/ Click on "Consultez votre messagerie" just under the top banner
http://www.freesurf.fr/ the login in on the left side


Power on the road:

The voltage is different between France and the US, in the states the Voltage is 110-120 Volt and in France it is 220-240 Volt.
This means that if you bring equipment from the states to France you MUST check that it is can handle the higher voltage. Or else you will set off the smoke alarm when plugging it in. If you look at a power supply on a portable Mac it says Voltage 110-240 Volt, ths means you can plug it in in both countries with problems, the only thing you need is an adapter to be able to physically plug in the device.
If you bring something to the states and it was working fine in France, it normally works in the states too.Read more about coming to France with a Mac here:


Click on Computer help down on the left side, just under "Living on France"


A little tip for those of you who often compare documents, looking for size information or creation dates by using the APPLE-I command for Get Info, also found in the File menu in the Finder. Try this instead: select the item you want to know more about, press ALT-APPLE-I and you get what´s called the inspector window, it stays on the screen and gives you information about the item/items that is/are currently selected.


The next generation of OS X, 10.4 Tiger is on it´s way.

a fast smart new way of finding and organizing anything on your Mac.

now works with for 4 people in the videochat and up to 10 for audiochat, now it has developed into a real videoconference tool with zero setup just as before.

Safari RRS
a new version of Safari that can in new ways help you find and organize news and headlines, forget the old days when you had to browse through lots of webpages to find the news you want.
Another interesting feature is that this version of Safari can be set to not save or cache ANY information concerning visited websites and passwords you have used, this makes your banking and internet business a lot safer.

similar to Exposé but developed with new functions.

talk to your Mac instead of using the mouse of keyboard, enhanced compared to the old speech that worked best with a US accent.

.Mac and iSync
most of it is already available in 10.3 Panther, you can synchronize your entire Address book, Internet favorites and calandars between several Macs automatically, great for keeping the home and office computer up-to-date without any user interaction at all, I´ve tested it.

this is a tool to help you create automatic functions for boring repetitive work.read more here:


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October 14, 2004

File extensions are important between Mac and PC

The file extension is what you see at the end of a filename, for example "yourdocument.doc", it helps the system to know which application it should use to open the file, if you share documents with Windows-users you need to make sure you have the extension in the filename. The newer versions of the Office suite has a checkbox in the Save dialog, make sure it´s ticked, It says Append File Extension. It´s there on Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
If you create a lot of presentations, I suggest you check out Apple's own software, Keynote, it´s easier to use than PowerPoint and makes it possible to create stunning presentations with effects that you can't do in PowerPoint. Costs around 100 euro. And of course it opens presentations made with PowerPoint.

You will find more info about file extensions in a previous newsletter, links at the top of this page.

Battery recall on 15-inch Powerbooks bought early this year

There has been a series of batteries with a potential safety issue sold in the first half of 2004, these batteries can overheat. There are no known cases where people have been injured. But it´s better to be on the safe side so I suggest that you look at the serial number of your battery if you have one of these computers. Unplug the computer from the main power and take out the battery using a small coin to open the lock. There is a label under it.Model Number: A1045
serial numbers that begin with: HQ404, HQ405, HQ406, HQ407, or HQ40

Read more here if you have a 15-inch PowerBook and a battery matching these numbers.


Norton AV corrupts mailboxes

I've seen many reports of Norton Antivirus for OS X behaving in a weird way, if it finds a virus (a PC-virus since there are no viruses for OS X) it does something to the mailbox to quarantine the virus, but it corrupts the mailbox at the same time so you lose the other mails in the same place.

My best advice if you have Norton, don't let it off the CD, meaning, DO NOT install it. If you think you need it, run it from the CD instead. Most of the time you don't really need to run Norton, DO NOT run it unless it´s absolutely necessary. I've heard so-called technicians in shops in Paris suggest Norton for problems that will never be solved by Norton. For example to solve an issue with getting strange date formats in the Finder window list view, it´s because of customizing the Date Formats wrong.

new iMac

Have you seen the new iMac G5? It´s flat, very flat, makes you wonder what happened to the computer.
It´s just 2 inches thick and everything is built into the screen, power supply and CD/DVD-drive. If you use a wireless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and an Airport network to connect to the internet the only cable you will have on your desk is the power cable to the iMac.

You can hook up your Rendezvous-supported printer to the Airport or the Airport Express and print without a printer cable between the computer and the printer. You can even play your music directly to your home stereo wirelessly using the Airport Express. Put one in each room and you can stream your music to any place in your home just by selecting the room to play it in from iTunes.

Cost for wireless?

Airport Express 150 euro, a speaker system is 50 euro if you don't need a fancy brand.

PS. Requires Airport Extreme card for setup, but works from the Classic airport card once installed and set up. The range on the Airport Express is less than with the regular Airport base Station, it works best in combination with one of the base stations. It also extends the range of your existing network.


More Tiger news

The next release of OS X, 10.4, code-named "Tiger" is coming in the first half of 2005. As always, tons of new exiting features you just can't live without.

Safari RSS for getting and personalizing news in a way never seen before

Dashboard for getting fast access to small useful functions like the calculator and a world clock among other things, some of you might recognize the application Konfabulator, now it will be built into the system

Spotlight for finding your files or anything on your computer, also lets you create smart folders that automatically gets updated when new search results appear. You can search for a name and spotlight will return a result with documents that this person has emailed to you, it will give you appointments from your iCal calendar that includes this person, show you pictures or documents with the name inside the contents of the document, and it´s extremely fast because the system indexes everything on your computer in the background.

and my favorite:
a new version of iChat AV that supports up to 4 persons at the same time in a video-chat, or up to 10 in a audio-chat.


New versions of software often requires that the system is up-to-date

I´m sure some of you have experienced problems when installing new softwares, it´s more and more common that a software requires a minimum of system version that is higher than the one even an almost new computer was delivered with. Today it´s more important then ever to make sure your system is up-to-date. You can do it from the software update function, it´s in the Apple menu if you have OS X 10.3 (or higher). It´s not just the system itself that it is important to update, there are many components in the system that also is a good idea to update, the Java updates improves Safari, Apples own web browser so it supports certain webpages better. For banking over the internet for example.

The Keychain application

The keychain sometimes pops up and asks for different things so you know it´s there, but what is it really doing for you?
It remembers passwords, but that's just one function, it can also be used by you to read passwords if you forget them, and it can help you lock the screen to keep people out of your computer when you leave it. You find a program called Keychain Access in the Utilities folder, select a password and mark the checkbox "Show pass-phrase" put in your user password and voilá, it shows you the password in clear text. If you look in the View menu you can choose "Show status in menu bar" it puts a little padlock in the menu-bar at the top of the screen, select "Lock screen" and it will start your screen-saver, the only way to get back into your computer is to type in your password. You can also log in as a different user.

Some useful tips about Mail and AddressBook

in the Addressbook - choose "Edit distribution list" from the Edit menu, it makes it easier to handle your mailing lists, you can very easily see which address is used for different mailing lists. Just click on the second address to select it instead of the one being displayed in bold text.

in Mail, when you have prepared a mail for sending to a group, if you want to see who is on the list directly in the mail window, just aim for the address and wait, the entire list will be displayed after a few seconds. Just like some buttons display a help text to tell you what they do when you click on them.

If you want to hide the recipients addresses from being displayed to all members of the group in the mail you send out you find the setting here, Mail menu / Preferences / Composing - uncheck the option "When sending to a group, show all member addresses"

.Mac 10 Mb limit on messages now and a total of 250 Mb, 125 for email, 125 for iDisk

for anyone who uses .Mac for email and publishing webpages, calendars and the iDisk for moving files over the internet when traveling this is good news, you now get a total of 250 Mb of storage, and the limit for emails has been set up to 10 Mb. This let's you send and receive larger attachments.
There´s also more and more softwares available for download free for .Mac members. Games and Norton Parental Control for example.


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November 7, 2004

iPod Photo, Why should your ears have all the fun?

There is a new iPod out there. It´s called iPod Photo and can store your digital images as well as music, your calendar, Addressbook and other data. It plays slideshows with music. You control it with iTunes 4.7 and it automatically synchronizes all your pictures or just the albums you choose.


iTunes 4.7

With iTunes 4.7 comes some interesting new functions. You can check for duplicate songs, but as mentioned in the last newsletter, you need to update a couple other things for it to work properly, fortunately this is easy. System preferences / Software update / Click on Check now and then Install

Something I´m using right now on my old faithful iMac is a setting in iTunes preferences, you can set it to automatically import music from a CD upon insertion and eject it when done, so all you have to do to get your music onto your Mac is simply feed the discs in and iTunes does the rest.

Ordering online

I have never had any major problems when buying things from a website, but being careful is always advisable. If the connection between your computer and the website is secure there is an indication of it somewhere on the browser window, if you use Safari there is a padlock at the top right corner of the window. In Explorer the symbol is in the down left corner.
If you´re not comfortable with putting your credit card number on a website, look for a telephone number, very often there is a number to a client service.
Don´t use the browsers Back-button or click several times on a Submit button as this can cause problems like ordering several times or losing the orders you´ve made sofar.

Updating your wireless mouse and keyboard.

Some time ago there was a firmware update for the Apple wireless keyboard and mouse. You might have to run these yourself. Look for them in the Utilities folder, there are 2 called Wireless Mouse / Keyboard Updater. Run them manually and follow the instructions carefully. If they already have been installed it will tell you.

Using the audio-chat with iChat as a phone?

More and more people discover that it´s now possible to use the internet as a free phone. iChat is one way to go. You don´t need a fancy headset, if you have a portable there is a builtin microphone and iChat does all the setup for you. All you need is an account to use it and a friend with a similar account. Either .Mac-account or an AIM-account (which is free but does less things for you) at www.aim.com

Daylight savings time, let the computer do the job.

If you want your system clock to always show the correct time it´s easy to do. Go to System Preferences in the Apple menu, then select Date & Time, there is a checkbox for Set Time and Date automatically, make sure the Time Zone is correctly set.

How many of you use a lot of batteries for different things?

Some eight months ago I decided to see if there is any differences between really expensive Energizer-batteries and cheap ones from LIDL. Have a guess, after trying myself my conclusion is that the cheaper ones last longer, and not just a little longer. I´ve tried 2 sets of cheap ones, they worked fine for 3 months each, while the Energizer lasted 3 weeks. I´m not buying batteries with a fancy box again. I´m not saying this is absolute scientific proof, but it´s good enough for me.

Read more about batteries for Powerbooks and iBooks here:

If you prefer rechargeable batteries you find a very nice little electronics shop on rue D´Odessa close to Montparnasse.

Have you seen the .Mac Slides button in iPhoto?

What this does is to upload the album of your choice to Apple´s .Mac-server so others easily can use your pictures as a screensaver!

What you need to do:
Create an album in iPhoto and click on .Mac Slides, it will ask if you´re sure you want to do this, click Publish. It will upload your pictures, don´t worry about the format or anything else, it´s completely automatic. Your part is done now.

What your friends need to do:
-open System Preferences / Desktop and Screensaver, click on the Screensaver tab
-Choose .Mac in the left column, click Options
-type in the .Mac member name, mine is "oniel" (as in my E-mail "oniel@mac.com") if you want to test it right now. You might want to uncheck .Mac public slideshow unless you like to see pictures of computers... Click OK.
-next time the screensaver goes on you see the pictures I just uploaded, when I change them you will automatically get the new ones.
You need to be connected to the Internet for this kind of screensaver.

To create your own slideshow you need a .Mac account and specify your member name in System prefs / .Mac



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