OS X is what every Mac-user has today.

Do you know your way around it?

What does the red, yellow and green buttons on a window do?


What are the icons in the dock? How do you add and delete them?


Which setting is missing in the System Preferences pane?


What happens if you hold down Command when opening a folder?


Is it possible to quickly hide all open application windows?


How do you change the size of the dock in the easiest way?


How can you open a document in the application of your choice?


Where is the settings for the springloaded folder function?


What happens when you Alt-doubleclick on a folder icon?


Why should you avoid applications that only work in Classic?


How do you get the information window to show info about the object your click on?


You try to empty the Trash but get the message that it contains a locked item, mention two ways to get around that.


How do you copy a document to another folder?


Where should you save documents in OS X?


How do you get all the windows that belong to an application to appear on the screen with one click?


How do you select more than one object in a list of items?


Are the keyboard commands to quit an application, close a window and create a new folder the same as in OS 9?


What is the keyboard command to open a new Finder window?


Where do you customize the toolbar on a Finder window?


Where do you find the Print Center, and what does it do?



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