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So many thanks!! 4 hours of work (and my marriage) almost out the door and an international crisis between the French and the Swedes in the fierce, conflictual land of Mac vs PC. Mac comes out looking good thanks to your wisdom which is "unfindable" in all HELP categories and crazy chat rooms...over the moon!





Thanks a lot! The machines works beautiful, and the whole setup at home is just marvellous.
You have been a great help in getting it all set up, and giving me a much better Mac experience than I was used to.





All systems are running smoothly on my Mac, thanks to you! Every time OS X starts up I send out a little prayer of thanks to you! There's a little shop up the road from me called, incredibly, Saint Karl! I always smile when I see it and think of you! Keep up the good works!





Still can't believe you came over during the weekend to tend to my sick computer. I was even more stunned when you ended up leaving me a computer of your own to get me through the time when mine needed to be sent to the Apple (I guess even you can't clean hot chocolate from a mother board...)! That was above and beyond the call of duty and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. You are the best!"





-"Just wanted to send you a thank you for all your hard work over the weekend. I actually finished my article today which would never have happened without your intervention in the last second! Everything seems to be working very well with the new hard drive. Losing all my documents, now that would have been a problem.

And before you ask... Yes, as soon as I finished my article, the first thing I did was...save it on a disk!"

With much appreciation for all your attention and efforts,
-- Rachel




-"I can't tell you what a difference your installation has made - Mike is entranced and I think that you have won a PC user over to Mac and the way of truth (and efficiency!) everything is running fast and smoothly.

I just loved that you returned my calls-on time, turned up- on time, did a fantastic job- didn't patronise me or treat me as stupid for not knowing all the answers -actually tried NOT to sell me anything that I didn't need- I had to sneak into Fnac to buy an upgrade - which you installed brilliantly - you do a great job and are charming and a pleasure to be with as well - I have been recommending you to everyone I know - (unfortunately mostly PC users- we must have pity and patience for them - they WILL see the true path eventually!)

Thank you for all your time and effort - totally above and beyond the call of duty- and see you soon for my next adventure in cyber-space."

Best wishes, Anne



-"Karl was the first to respond to my request for help and his call put me at ease. He came later that day, got my machines sorted and showed me how to get more out of my machines.

He took the time to make sure that I understand what went wrong and how to prevent it from happening again. If I ever get myself in an another spot like that, I'd call Karl in a heartbeat..."

Tom K



-"Karl, you are magic. The usb printer setting was the key. Now it works. Yippee."

Merci, Bob



-"Karl really helped me set up my new eMac and install Panther and the other important programs. It took a bit of time for me to really get used to the new system. When I felt comfortable, I tried to set up the fax program by myself and got totally confused, requiring a call to you. It took ten minutes for you to straighten me out and get the fax program working.

I really appreciated your counsel and then asked you how to email more than one photo at a time from iPhoto. It took you 3 minutes of instruction to permit me to send multiple photos in the same email. Nothing for you, but miraculous for me!"

Sincerely, Alan S



-"Karl is the only Mac guy in Paris with heart and soul! He responded to my urgent need immediately, spent many hours addressing numerous computer problems, and has continued to provide ongoing support. His service and caring surpasses anyone in the business. Thank you!"

Gayle C



-"Comme Boudou, j’étais sauvé des eaux des logiciels français.

After years of false advice, crashing programs, and technicians who insisted that American-made Apples could only work with French software.

Cathy and I were rescued by Karl’s charm, diligence, speed, and extreme competence. He pulled an all-nighter to cruise the web and his contacts for a solution to our mangled system, crudely installed on a brand new G3 ibook (I’ll never buy anything from *** again), and fixed it first thing the next morning, as well as eliminating useless folders and telling us about keyboard shortcuts and great programs like iPhoto and GraphicConverter we weren’t utilizing.

Karl has made it possible for us to live in the seventeenth century, and be online. Without him, I don’t think you can be digitally functional in Paris."

Peter H



-"Karl, who taught me Photoshop, set up the G4 dual processor in my studio. One couldn't ask for more in terms of competence, integrity, efficiency, generosity, and courtesy in one human being. He continues to be my ace reference for tutoring and trouble-shooting when it comes to Mac."




-"This is unbelievable! What a pleasure to operate this new system and I can't thank you enough for getting it to run so smoothly. My babysitter told me you were here late and I know you must have put in a lot of extra effort to get everything running and filed in it's proper place. I'm really glad we went to the effort to do it. Thank you so much once again. I think OS X is 'the cat's meow'."

Mark W



-"Karl, You truly made my day!!

Thanks to your efficient and extremely timely intervention, I am now able to leave for my whirlwind business trip and bring a fantastic presentation that you helped prepare and burn on CD´s. Thanks!"

Axel von S



-"Karl came quickly to my aid .He fixed the problem with my iBook,explained things clearly to me & gave helpful advice. I will certainly recommend him to my friends."

Jenny H



-"Not only is Karl highly competent, he's also particularly gifted with slow learners."

Andrew S



-"With Karl I´ve enjoyed some very nice moments. He´s always on time for an appointment, he´s joyable and a good laugh. He can also stand a complete "nul" on the IT-scene."

Björn R



-"It's taken Karl only two hours to fix a problem on which I had been struggling for over a year. Since then, Karl has proven extremely reliable and receptive to my numerous Mac-related questions, providing me with lots of useful information. I will definitely call on Karl's competencies again should I face any other breakdowns or problems".

Claire R



-"I would highly recommend Karl's work to anyone working on Mac, novice or more advanced. Karl is highly informed, patient, decidedly ungeeky, and will get you set up, and maybe even a little more Mac-literate. He is a precious find!"

Jory V



-"Karl, you saved our lives!!! We're so relieved to leave on holiday assured that we have found someone precious who can help us with our computer troubles -- no more electronic nightmares!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

With gratitude, Constance T



-"Having technical problems with your Macintosh? I highly recommend Karl whose expertise, flexibility and genuinely friendly and helpful advice are all outstanding. He immediately responded to my call for help and quickly identified, solved, and explained my technical difficulties. I know that I can count on Karl whenever I get into a jam with my Mac.

He also happens to be a exceptionally nice person."

Claire F, Ph.D.



-"As a novice at Photoshop, I have found Karl to be the perfect tutor, not only is he smart, competent, experienced, nice, patient and generous, but he has that all-too rare teaching skill of being able to put himself in the learner's shoes!"




-"Karl is a real pro - fast, reliable and really knows his Mac, from fixing breakdowns to fancy bells and whistles. Try him!"

Polly P