Phone Support

Get answers faster and better than anywhere else, call my swedish cellphone if you can´t wait for next visit

+46 70 37 128 48

Billing per call. Starting at 20 euro + TVA.

Support by phone is sometimes not the best solution, computer service is a hands-on job unless you just have a quick question or feel confident that you can solve the problem when guided through the steps.



Data Rescue



Data rescue is a delicate matter, your information is the most important part of your computer.

-Level 1

When the computer is not working but the drive itself is OK, this is the ideal situation as it just requires the drive to be taken out of the computer to be able to save the data

-Level 2

When the drive is suffering from light malfunction making it neccessary to use special methods and software to recover the data

-Level 3

The drive is not spinning or malfunctioning in a way that makes the risk of physical damage too large to be handled by anyone not being a specialist with access to highly specialized equipment. In this case the drive needs to be sent to a special company for data recovery.